LIFE WITHOUT PLASTIC – A shampoo bar that ACTUALLY works!

LIFE WITHOUT PLASTIC – A shampoo bar that ACTUALLY works!

Shampoo bars are gaining traction as a simple swap to reduce one’s plastic footprint at home.

Think about all those plastic bottles for shampoos and conditioners that need to be replaced every couple of months, and then become waste. By opting for solid hair care bars, we eliminate that waste completely.

Yes, it’s a behavioural shift to start rubbing a bar on your head, but this small habit change has a big positive impact!




These shampoo and conditioner bars completely stand apart from anything you would have tried before.

First and foremost, they work! They do a great job of cleaning hair thoroughly and do not leave a film, a waxy feeling, dried ends, or a greasy look whatsoever.

And the best part is that their lather is rich and feels like using liquid shampoo.


The other first place elements : 

 They are completely plastic-free and zero waste.

They come in a reusable aluminium tin box, which is possible because they are solid and don’t require leak-proof plastic packaging like liquid hair care alternatives.

By opting for a bar, we eliminate the need to buy plastic bottles every couple of months, and that has a direct positive impact on waste generation.

It means there will be less plastic in landfills, floating around oceans, polluting public spaces, and lethally invading wildlife habitat.

Each bar is handmade in India in small batches.

We use ingredients that are all vegan, biodegradable, phosphate-free, sulphate and paraben-free.


Finding A Balance


We wanted to create a shampoo and conditioner bar that would be an easy switch away from plastic. One that wouldn’t be so different in efficacy that folks would revert right back to bottled products. This meant a small compromise in ingredients as the 100% natural bars simply didn’t do the job right. These shampoo bars use mostly natural ingredients like coconut oil, water, clay, and essential oils and all of them are listed on our website for transparency. We also use Sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI) as a solid surfactant that makes shampoos and soaps foam and cleans and is made from the fatty acids in coconut oil. 


How To Use A Shampoo or Conditioner Bar

How To Use A Shampoo or Conditioner BarHow To Use A Shampoo or Conditioner Bar 

Using a shampoo bar is a little different from our usual routine, but it’s really a simple switch!

To wash the hair,

  • Rub the wet shampoo bar directly on your wet head until a lather forms.
  • Massage the lather throughout the hair and once well saturated, rinse out the shampoo.
  • Be sure to rinse it very well.
  • Then rub the conditioner bar on your head the same way on the ends of the wet hair and massage downwards away from scalp and
  • Rinse with warm water after keeping it for 5-7 mins.


Simple, effective, non-toxic, plastic-free – enjoy them!

We certainly do.

Find the bars:

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  2. Dry Scalp (anti-dandruff) solid shampoo bar
  3. Argan & Black Castor Oil – Hydrating & Nourishing Solid Conditioner Bar
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